The Story of Konstantine Khvistani

Konstantine Khvistani

My name is Konstantine Khvistani and I am a disabled person having coordination and moving problems. I am an asylum seeker from Georgia together with my wife and two children.

This year in September I was searching for organisations which can help me to get a scooter to increase my mobility. I sent an email to 30 organisations. DRW is the one which answered me quickly. Rahel even came to my place to visit me. I appreciate the way DRW receives newcomers with disabilities.

DRW is supporting me on trying to obtain a mobility aid (scooter). Not only that, connecting me with other organisations and people who were/are in a similar situation is very important for me.

I hope DRW will continue in some way and I will get a chance to participate in DRW activity.

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