DRW meets BOSSE – advice, support and knowledge centre [BOSSE råd, stöd och kunskapscenter]

DRW met one of the longest-serving and activity agencies for migrants with physical non-normative abilities (a.k.a physical impairments).

The agency started in 1981 as a project, then called ”Huvudstaprojektet”, funded by the National Heritage Fund – Arvsfonden. The agency took the name the unit for accommodation and services [Bostads- och serviceenheten], later shortened to BOSSE since the most common issues at the time were connected to the right to accommodation and appropriate accessible service.

BOSSE, as Independent Living Institute, advocates self-determination and empowerment where the individual decides what is best for themselves.

BOSSE’s activities are tailored to act as a conversational partner that the participants can turn to when they need advice. BOSSE provides individually adapted support in connection to issues around accommodation, technical aids, acts as a knowledge centre, runs study circles, among other things. BOSSE works on assignment for, among others, Stockholm County Council, and from the principle that all individuals have the capacity to influence their own living conditions.

Participants of the activities follow a programme based on 20 meetings where they will be able to share their needs, and the staff of BOSSE provide advice and support tailored to these needs. Amad Lindblom, a counsellor and team leader at BOSSE, told the DRW team about the how important it is for both the participants and the co-workers to remember to treat every person as an individual with their own responsibility, and with respect for integrity and experience.  She thinks that their essential premise is to never speak on behalf of the individuals that visit BOSSE but to make sure that they act as an intermediary and always from the participants’ own terms and needs.

Possible areas of cooperation:

We will cooperate by:

  • Coordinating shared theme days
  • Organise events for the exchange of experiences
  • Refer individuals to each other’s activities
  • Be part of the network DRW organises for the participants’ interest.

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