About Disabled Refugees Welcome – the right to work and mutual integration

Disabled Refugees Welcome -Mutual Integration and the Right to Work (RTA) is a project run by the Independent Living Institute (ILI) and funded by the swedish inheritance fund.

The project is intended to build on the experiences from ILI’s previous project Disabled Refugees Welcome, DRW, (2017-2020). Just as in DRW, RTA wants to contribute to an improvement of the integration process for migrants with disabilities, but in RTA access to work is in focus.

An important concept in the project is intersectionality – the discrimination faced due to both being a migrant and having a disability. The experience from DRW says that in networks with a focus on disability law issues there is a lack of knowledge about being a migrant and vice versa, in networks with a focus on migration there is a lack of knowledge about having a disability. One of the project’s most important goals is therefore to raise awareness in these networks.

Read more here: DRW Mission and DRW Team .


4 thoughts on “About Disabled Refugees Welcome – the right to work and mutual integration”

  1. Arslan Ahmed Cheema, I live in Pakistan.
    My disability Muscular Dystrophy, i hwish to join of your disability Refugee organization.
    I hope it goes well,
    And contact me.

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