Disabled Refugees Welcome

Jamie, Rahel, Mari och Maj framför photovoice utställningen

Disabled Refugees Welcome (DRW)  is part of the Independent Living Institute (ILI). We work to improve the reception and integration of migrants and refugees with disabilities in Sweden focusing on jobs and employment.

Contact Rahel, our advisor, with your questions.

Rahel Abebaw Atnafu has her own experience of disability and is well versed in issues of migration, disability rights and work. Born in Ethiopia, her mother tongue is Amharic. She speaks fluent Swedish and English.

Rahel : rahel@independentliving.org, 073 424 22 25

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Mikaela Öhlund och Sanna Hellberg på arbetslivsförvaltningens integrationsavdelning i Härnösand, tre personer vid ett bord med kafekanna i mitten(Svenska) Samarbete och småskalighet – en viktig nyckel i Härnösands kommun

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deltagarna samlade kring stora bordet i stora konferensrummet på STIL-kontoret och andra deltagare på skärmarna bakom.(Svenska) Rekordmånga deltagare på första digitala kaféet

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Sömmerskan Alona Sapetova(Svenska) Alona från Ukraina fick jobb på kommunens tvätteri

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Ashraf sitter och jobbar bakom ett par stora skärmar på kontoret i Farsta. Han tittar upp och ler försiktigt.From Kabul to Sweden – close to the North Pole

It was the Swedish authorities who handled the evacuation of  employees (mostly women) from the workplace where Ashraf Frugh’s sister worked. In this somewhat fortuitous way, Ashraf ended up in Sweden. That was almost two years ago and now he will work as a volunteer in the project Disabled Refugees Welcome – The right to … Continue reading "From Kabul to Sweden – close to the North Pole"

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