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Disabled Refugees Welcome (DRW)  is part of the Independent Living Institute (ILI). We work to improve the reception and integration of migrants and refugees with disabilities in Sweden.

Joint ILI and UNHCR initiative to empower refugees with disability in Sweden

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In October and November 2021 Independent Living Institute (ILI) will conduct a series of workshops that are supported by UNHCR Representation for the Nordic and Baltic Countries. These workshops are to empower refugees with disability in their receiving country – Sweden. The topics to be touched upon are:

  • Disabled Women – Proud Mothers
  • Self-determination and Full participation of Disabled Refugees according to the CRPD
  • Swedish Civil Society and Disabled Refugees
  • Covid and Disabled Refugees

Participants will come from among others the DRW – Disabled Refugees Welcome project – that ended in December 2020 but continues through ILI activity. Groups will be limited to 10 persons keeping in mind Covid and will take place in ILI office located in Farsta (Storforsplan 36, 10th floor). The working language will be English and Swedish with translation.

Dates for the workshops:

  • October 26, Workshop 1 – Disabled Women Refugees – Proud Mothers
  • October 27, Workshop 2 – Self-determination and full participation for disabled refugees according to the CRPD
  • November 15, Workshop 3 – Culture and the concept of disability
  • November 19, Workshop 4 – The Swedish disability movement and why we need each other

If you are interested to attend, please contact Jamie.bolling@independentliving.org. We will get back to you to tell you if you can attend or if the event is already full.


Listen to the story of Julius Ntobuah one of DRW’s instigators.

Contact us at info@disabledrefugeeswelcome.se  or call +46 73 679 4273 if you want advice or guidance.

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