DRW Mission

Disabled Refugees Welcome (DRW) is a 3-year project run by Independent Living Institute (ILI) and financed by Arvsfonden.

The DRW project’s main goal is to develop methods that will improve the conditions for the reception of disabled newcomers in Sweden. DRW’s objective is mainly to enhance an accessibility logic when discussing integration, which could be seen as a mutual action. Through DRW’s project activities and plan of action we will be able to document needs, wishes and solutions given by the target group in order to develop activities and methods which in the future could be incorporated to the work authorities, organisations and institutions do with newcomers.

How did it started?

The idea of the project was born as a result of project worker Julius Ntobuah’s own experiences as an asylum seeker with disability in Sweden. In a short clip below he talks about these experiences and his commitment for better reception of newcomers with functional disabilities.

Why is it important?

Over 1600 000 asylum seekers came to Sweden during 2015. Even today the inflow of people continues and many are in need of urgent support with food, accommodation, medical care and psychological support after previous traumatizing experiences. Moreover there are many who got either injured during the war and the long and dangerous way to Europe or had disability since before.

No official data is available about the situation of disabled asylum seekers in Sweden. That makes it different to evaluate the range of needs they may have.

Authorities and NGOs working with asylum seekers need to have clear information about the needs of asylum seekers with disabilities in order to adapt their work procedures for peoples’ needs. Preparedness in form of human resources and routines is essential to make sure that even disabled asylum seekers in a proper way can be integrated into the society.

Project Goals

  • Provide information about the rights of disabled newcomers.
  • Guide disabled asylum seekers to right support.
  • Collect and spread data on disabled newcomers’ needs.
  • Develop and test new methods for reception of disabled newcomers.

The ambition of the project is to spread the developed method to public and private actors working with the target group. In the long run we plan to establish, sustain and evaluate the collaboration between authorities and civil society.