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Employment is often seen as a key into Swedish society. Migrants who have disabilities are disadvantaged when it comes to getting a job.

Get in touch with our field workers!

Disabled Refugees Welcome – mutual integration and the right to work (RTA) has two field workers – Rahel Abebaw Atnafu and Antwan Zolomyan (usually called Tony). Both have their own experience of disability and are well versed in issues of migration, disability rights, and work.

Rahel Abebaw Atnafu was born in Ethiopia and her mother tongue is Amharic. Tony Zolomyan was born in Syria and his native languages ​​are Armenian and Arabic. Both also speak fluent Swedish and English.

Feel free to contact them with your questions:

phone: 073 424 22 25


Everyone can support this initiative with anything, every little thing makes a difference. If you want to help us by sharing your skills and interests with us  you can do it by filling out this form here.

Disabled Refugees Welcome is an initiative that started due to the silence, isolation and lack of support that disabled refugees arriving to Sweden have gone through in the past and present. Our vision is a society and a world where everyone is accounted for as a human being, with equivalent opportunities, choices and self-determination regardless their ethnicity, gender identity, religion, functional ways, etc. We want to reinforce these ground values and be a starting point for change, activation, inspiration and mobilization of the Swedish society into taking action!

For suggestions and questions please write to:

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