UNDP’s migration unit visited and interviewed DRW’s team

The18th of October 2018 representants of the UNDP Migration Unit’s Saran Kaba Jones,  Lena Mucha, Johan Tholson and Jon Rudberg visited DRW’s offices and met with the DRW team and interviewed Julius Ntobuah on his experiences as a refugee to Sweden with a disability.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has over the summer, in partnership with local NGOs, conducted over 3000 in depth interviews with irregular migrants from Africa who are now in Europe.

The data was gathered from 13 EU countries (Sweden included) and over 20 cities. By placing the voices of the migrants themselves at the centre of the response agenda, it is UNDP’s hope that this research will allow for a more effective set of interventions in both host countries and countries of origin.

With DRW:s help and expertise, UNDP has a chance to make a wider audience, both the general public and the policy makers, aware of the issues irregular migrants are facing. With the current political climate, UNDP believe it would make such a difference in highlighting these issues if they would have people from Sweden too, especially since UNDP conducted 150 interviews here.

In addition to the research, UNDP is producing a documentary film and a photography project in sync with this study.

Läs mer om the UNDP migration and displacement unit: här


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