DRW’s information manual- The road to reciprocal integration

A manual for public institutions and civil society organisations that meet migrants with *non-normative abilities and work with reception, establishment, integration and social support.

The DRW’s information manual goes through theoretical critical frameworks, the legal systems for migration and social rights, and an analysis of how the system works for the target group based on their own experiences and stories. Our hope is that this manual will lead to a more accessible and reciprocal reception and establishment of migrants with non-normative abilities.

cover to the road to reciprocal integration information handbookRead the english version here

*DRW’s work draws attention to the importance that individuals themselves should be able to define their reality and express this according to what best suits their experiences and situation. DRW uses the concept “non-normative abilities” to shift the focus from individuals to societal norms and structures. This will be explained in further detail in this manual.

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