Short on the webinar: Disabled Refugees and Liberty

On Tuesday, May 5th, the Disabled Refugees Welcome Project (DRW) celebrated with European Network for Independent Living (ENIL) the European Independent Living Day and broadcast live its webinar “Disabled Refugees and Liberty”. Hear what UNHCR’s protection officer – disability inclusion Ricardo Pla Cordero says about their work with migrants with norm-breaking functionality in the EU, what strategies and actions the UNHCR has to ensure that the rights of the target group are respected. The subjects on the important role that DPO’s (disabled people’s organizations) play within the EU in accessing support and service for people with norm-breaking functionality who have migrated to different EU countries. Hear Giampiero Griffo talk about what the organization Disabled People’s International Europe (DPI-Europe) is doing. Furthermore, An Sofie Leenknecht, who coordinates human rights within the European Disability Forum, talks about a tool-kit aimed at raising awareness of the life situation of migrants with norm-breaking functionality in the EU. Jamie Bolling, who is the director of the Independent Living Institute in Sweden, closes the webinar with information and results from Disabled Refugees Welcome’s survey of needs from the target group of migrants with norm-breaking functionality in Sweden.

Watch the webinar in english here
FOR powerpoint presentationS HERE



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