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help finding employment for persons with disabilities who are refugees in Sweden

How do you get a job in Sweden? What support does the Swedish Public Employment Service offer to people with disabilities and what are the requirements? 

You need a work permit and a swedish personal identity number (personnummer or samordningsnummer) as well as a bank account.

If you are registered as an asylum seeker at the Swedish Migration Agency or you have been granted tempory asylum then you are also permitted to work – you will have a LMA card which is also a work permit.

If you are eligible you can get a swedish personal identity number from the Swedish Tax agency here. There is also an alternative number  – Coordination numbers for tempory migrants.

If you have recently been granted a residence permit as a refugee, person with subsidiary protection status or family member then you can get financial support through the so-called establishment allowance . The money comes from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. The condition for receiving the establishment allowance is that you participate in the establishment programme , and you do this by registering with the Swedish Public Employment Service and starting looking for a job.

Swedish Public Employment Service

Here is list of different initiatives and programmes for persons with disabilities that the Swedish Public Employment Service offers. The same list is also available on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s website .

  • Grant for a personal assistant
    If you have a disability, you can get support from a person at your workplace. Your employer receives a grant for this.
  • Introduction to work
    If you who have been away from the labor market for a long time and are unsure of your ability and the type of work that may be suitable for you.
  • Introductory job
    You can combine the introductory job with studies, which both strengthen your own skills and meet the needs of employers.
  • Wage subsidy
    Your employer can receive a subsidy for your salary.
  • New start job
    With a start-up job, you who have been unemployed for a long time, for example because you are a newcomer, get a chance to start again.
  • Projects with a focus on labor market policy
    In your area, there may be projects that are run together with other organisations. If there is a suitable project in your area, you may be invited to participate.
  • Equip and match
    Equip and match is for you who need extra support when you apply for a job. You choose a supplier yourself and get your own guide who will help you on the way to a job or education.
  • Protected work at a public employer
  • Special support person for introduction and follow-up support – SIUS
    If you have a disability, you can get support when you are looking for a job or are new to a workplace. A support person helps you train on tasks and other things.


This is what it says on their website:

Samhall is Sweden’s largest company and can be found all over the country.

It is the Swedish Public Employment Service which decides who gets a job with Samhall. What everyone who works for Samhall has in common is that they all have some form of disability, as well as the capacity to work.

We are owned by the state and it is our mission to create enriching jobs for people with disabilities. The goal is for 1500 employees to leave us each year to go and work for other employers. We train our staff and match them to the right tasks in areas such as cleaning, care, logistics and manufacturing. By utilising the skills and abilities of all our employees, we are helping to build a more sustainable and inclusive society.


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