Nelly Hölter och Catalina Fipper

Overview of the research on the health-related experiences of migrants with disabilities in the Swedish labour market

Catalina Fipper and Nelly Hölter have written this background paper on the links between migration, disability, employment, and health as part of their internship at the Inpendendent Living Institute participating in the Disabled Refugees Welcome – the right to work project. The paper examines the intersection between these four topics and determines the extent to which existing research has analyzed them in relation to each other.

The paper concludes by highlighting the significant research gap in this area and suggests three key factors that should be considered in future research.

  • Intersectionality: Research should take an intersectional approach that recognizes the interrelation between different individual markers.
  • Two-way causal link: Research should examine potential two-way causal links between certain attributes.
  • Comparability: Research should focus on ensuring comparability between studies, as variations in the definitions of key terms such as ‘health’ or ‘disability’ can have an impact on the results.

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