Reply on COVID-19 from Commissioner Dalli

(Svenska) The COVID-19 pandemic is indeed particularly harmful to those who are most vulnerable from a health point of view. Social isolation measures, the risk of infection for bothcare professionals and personswith disabilities,together withthe limited availability of protective material create additional challenges.

First Pod – DRW and Corona – 31 March 2020 – English to Amharic

Corona – Covid 19 is a world pandemic and crisis for all countries. This both as the healthcare systems are overloaded and people are dying. We are also in a world economic crisis to which we do not see the end nor grasp the results.

(Svenska) DRW:s möte med Infoteket om funktionshinder i Uppsala Region

(Svenska) Den 3 juni åkte Julius Ntobuah och Jamie Bolling från DRW i Farsta till Uppsala för att träffa Ann Liljemark och Johan Mälson som jobbar som vägledare på Infoteket om funktionshinder i Uppsala

Disabled Refugees Welcome at Järvaveckan 2019

Disabled Refugees Welcome project participated in the Järvaveckan for the first time from the 12th of June until the 16th of June. Järvaveckan is about reducing the distance between people and elected representatives. The living hub of Järvaveckan is a great meeting place for community engagement.

Sisay Game Beyene conveys his experience at Järvaveckan

First of all, I would like to say it is my pleasure to present Disabled Refugees Welcome for the distinguished guests to the DRW tent. I would like to extend my special thanks to Disabled Refugees Welcome (DRW) project’s leader Jamie Bolling for giving me the opportunity to attend Järvaveckan; thank you! My friends, colleagues … Continue reading Sisay Game Beyene conveys his experience at Järvaveckan

(Svenska) DRW deltog i Funktionsrätt Stockholms Län seminarium under Järvaveckan – Satsa på vår hälsa!

(Svenska) Jamie Bolling fick möjlighet att presentera DRW som projekt och den bild som projektet har samlat från de berättelser av över 80 migranter med normbrytande funktionalitet. De flesta möter hinder för att få tillgång till vård och sociala insatser som de är i behov av.

Meet DRW interns

My name is Brooke Antol, and I am about to begin my last academic year at North Carolina State University, where I am studying Political Science with the goal of attending law school after graduation. I chose to come to Sweden for the summer because I was eager to learn about Swedish and Scandinavian culture.

The New Moderates’ proposal risks to limit newcomers rights even further.

The issues of migration and integration have been present in societal news, newspaper and on social media during recent years. Relevant for the work of Disabled Refugees Welcome within this debate is the temporary change of the migration law enacted in the summer of 2016. According to this temporary legal change, refugees and asylum seekers … Continue reading The New Moderates’ proposal risks to limit newcomers rights even further.