The DRW Unheard heroes

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Illustration of an elephant and a cat on a rainy day sharing one little umbrella

Unheard heroes is a series of stories about the Disabled Refugees experiences, feelings, thoughts and wishes. DRW is creating this space as a platform for disabled newcomers in Sweden to express themselves, take place, get place, make place for their voices, thoughts or experiences expressed the best way they can and want to communicate through. The DRW project  wants to start a forum for discussion, opinion and most of all sharing and caring. Our ambition is to create a sense of belonging and participation in a community of people who care and can see themselves in the stories.

DRW also wants to raise awareness on the lived experiences of human beings that are supposed to be equal in front of the law, but in real life face various kinds of discrimination in a daily basis. We hope we can capture the attention of the public, politicians and institutions in charge so that some change will be possible in the future.

This months unheard hero is…more here

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