Disabled Refugees Welcome at the Almedalen Week!

Welcome, whoever you are?

There is a lot of discussions, debates and such about newcomers, migration and integration within today’s political debate. Most people agree that the integration is dysfunctional, but there are varying points of view on how to improve it. However, there is a clear trend of increasing calls for stricter regulations, which also is met to a higher degree. How will this affect disabled newcomers?, is the question posed by DRW, Disabled Refugees Welcome.

The Swedish Public Employment Service’s establishment programme for newcomers is one example of new and stricter regulations. Today, the same rules, as for other labour market programmes are applied, which among other things entails a system of sanctions where for example individuals that fail to turn up to a pre-arranged meeting risk losing their benefits. This is the case in spite of awareness at the political level that it risks hurting people due to their impairments or problems finding their bearings in a new country.

Another example of an even harsher regulation is the New Moderates proposal of ”clearer qualifiers into the Swedish entitlement system” presented within their proposed Budget Bill. They recommend that only individuals that have income qualifying for sickness allowance and permanent and long-term residence or citizenship in Sweden should be able to apply for assistance allowance. The same demand will be made for car allowance, disability allowance, sickness allowance and a series of other social insurance benefits.

Is this really a politic that improves and makes integration more efficient? Or is it a case of populist indulgence of a loud minority?

DRW, Disabled Refugees Welcome together with DHR arrange a panel dialogue on issues concerning newcomers with non-normative abilities at the Almedalen Week 4/7 2018 15:45 – 16:30.


  • Anders Kessling, State Secretary to the Minister for Employment and Integration Ylva Johansson
  • Johanna Jönsson, Member of Parliament representing the city of Stockholm, spokesperson on migration issues for the Centre Party
  • Jamie Bolling, Director, Independent Living Institute
  • Sooz Romero, method developer, Disabled Refugees Welcome
  • Stefan Sundqvist, Moderator, DHR

Place: Birgers gränd 1


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