Disabled Refugees Welcome’s list of demands

  • Increased participation for newcomers with nn-normative abilities on issues connected to health, employment, education, family, migration policy/politics of establishment, accommodation and transport.
  • Commitment from the Swedish Migration Agency and the municipalities to create a common framework following the UNHCR’s Resettlement Assessment Tool: Refugees with Disabilities.
  • Access to adapted Swedish language education and vocational programmes of high quality for disabled newcomers.
  • Coherent cooperation from a rights-based disability perspective between the Swedish migration Agency, Swedish Public Employment Service, Swedish Social Insurance Agency, social services, municipalities and health and medical services.
  • A rights-based disability perspective to all new regulations, policies and decisions that concern newcomers or migrants.
  • The establishment programme should have  health enhancing and rights-based disability perspective as its basis.
  • Extend the 2-year establishment period for newcomers with non-normative abilities.
  • Secure, accessible accommodations for newcomers with non-normative abilities.
  • Accessible and coherent information and directions concerning among other things family reunification, health examinations and rulings/notifications for newcomers with non-normative abilities throughout the asylum process.
  • Accessible information and directions within support and service application systems for newcomers with non-normative abilities.
  • Disabled asylum seekers shall have the right to support and service during the asylum process and possible repatriation.
  • Competence development about a rights-based disability perspective, personal treatment and cultural differences for more staff at the Swedish Migration Agency, everyone from case officers to coordinators for the Migration Agency’s accommodation centres.
  • Guidelines on how coordinators for the Migration Agency’s accommodation centres shall prepare, procure, guarantee and communicate around accessible accommodation centres.
  • Remove the maintenance requirement for newcomers with non-normative abilities, so it is possible for them to reunify with their families.

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