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Funding for disabled people

There is a large number of funds and foundations that provide financial support for disabled people for various purposes. It can be for example when a person lives in a financially marginalized situation, has dental problems or other situations due to disability. Below are some tips on how to seek funding.

The Swedish Church
You can apply for financial support from one of the foundations and funds that the church office in Uppsala manages. These apply among others for children and young people as well as for disabled people, elderly, sick and people with hearing impairment. You can also contact the congregation where you live or the person who needs support lives. Find your congregation.

Länsstyrelsen – the County Administrative Board

The County Administrative Board’s joint foundation database contains information about foundations where you can apply for financial support. The foundation database is for those who are looking for a specific foundation or others who are looking for foundations with a specific purpose.
Search for funds with specific purposes:ök

Sveriges kommuner och regioner – Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Several municipalities and regions administer funds and scholarships that can be applied for by residents, organizations and associations. By visiting the website of the respective municipality or region ( you can search for information about funds and scholarships and find ways to contact the administrators.

Ljuset i tunneln – the Light in the tunnel
Ljuset i tunneln is an aid organization and a portal that helps people who are in a life crisis and need help. If you are in a temporary crisis or need financial support for a shorter or longer period of time, you can apply for money from various funds and foundations. A life crisis can be an illness, family crisis, financial crisis, etc. The organization helps through partners, links, other aid organizations, its own work and through volunteers for those in economic crisis.

Föreningen FVO – The Association for the Organization of Charity
Föreningen FVO, the Association for the Organization of Charity is a non-profit association that conveys grants to people with low incomes, preferably to single parents, long-term sick people and pensioners.
You can apply for funds, for example, for necessary dental care, glasses, children’s needs, recreation or a temporary contribution to cover current expenses.

Additional information about scholarships and grants

– search via the internet

Note! In some cases, you need to register as a client / user and some services, such as ordering lists, can involve a cost for the client.

In addition to these pages on the web, follow the list of the page navigation for additional funds.

Examples of websites that provide information about funds and foundations:

​Hem & Hyra – Home & Rent
Hem & Hyra is a magazine and a website for those who rent their home or are interested in housing from a consumer perspective. The website also reports information on foundations that distribute funds to those in need throughout the country.

Funds, foundations & scholarships to apply for
Fonderna is a blog with information on relevant funds. You can also see the monthly breakdown based on the current application date.

Global Grant
Global Grant is an organization that presents information about registered funds and donors from around the world. You register as a customer / member and get access to tools and instructions on how to make applications.

Allmänna Arvsfonden – The Swedish Inheritance Fund
Arvsfonden, the Swedish Inheritance Fund does not provide grants to individuals. Arvsfonden supports ideas for developing a business that is aimed for children, young people or disabled people, for work on the behalf of a non-profit organization or a non-profit association.

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