Brochyren - "svävande i luften".

Information for people with disabilites recently arrived in Sweden

In October last year, we interviewed Josefina Streling, researcher at MFD, the Agency for Participation. She told us about an information booklet for new arrivals with disabilities, being written with the help of Disabled Refugees Welcome – the right to work among others. Now the booklet is ready and can be downloaded from their website. It is available in ten different languages ​​and shows which support you can apply for when you have a disability.

From the press release:

The world is in constant change. War, conflicts, terror and disasters force people to flee. People who flee their home countries and come to Sweden have like everyone else the right to housing, education and the opportunity to establish themselves in the labor market.

But for people who have a disability and are asylum seekers, new arrivals or have a residence permit according to the mass refugee directive, it is a challenge to get an overview of the support they can apply for.

– That is why we have produced an information material about the various programs and  support that people in need of support can apply for, says Josefina Streling, researcher at MFD.

The brochure has been produced in collaboration with the Swedish Migration Agency, Funktionsrätt Sweden, Independent Living Institute, Disabled Refugees Welcome – Rätten Till Arbete and Newcomers with Disabilities. Försäkringskassan, the Equality Authority and the Children’s Ombudsman have contributed knowledge. The Department of Education and the Special Education School Authority have carried out an expert review.

More about the brochure

The brochure is available in print and downloadable digital form in the following languages: Amharic, Arabic, Dari, English, French, Somali, Swedish, Tigrinya and Ukrainian. It is also available as a film in Swedish sign language.

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