Network meeting in Botkyrka – with project “Flexibel Samhällsinformation”

Julius Ntobuah from DRW met with representatives from Huddinge and Salem municipalities and with the organisation Hela Människan in Botkyrka, the Swedish church in Huddinge as well as with other organisations. Julius Ntobuah presented the DRW project with some of its results and cases regarding the situation of disabled migrants in Sweden.

“Flexibel samhällsinformation för nyanlända” was presented and is one of the many national projects initiated by local municipalities throughout the Stockholm region for newcomers. This specific project is a collaboration between Huddinge, Salem and Botkyrka kommun. The aim and ambition is to develop and test different methods that can help and facilitate the social community integration for immigrants and newcomers. This entails both internal and external processes and methods. As for the external methods and processes, the project is interested in working with the civil society. The main purpose of the meeting on the 11th april was to talk about the aim and ambition of this project and see if and how the project could collaborate with the civil society.

Julius found that there seems to be a large interest in adding the disability perspective into the project Flexible Community Information and in having a collaboration with Disabled Refugees Welcome. What impressed Julius the most was to learn that the establishment period for housing newcomers in Botkyrka municipality is five years instead of the normal two years.

Anneli Persson and Princilla Owusu Afriyie, the two project leaders for “Flexibel samhällsintroduktion för nyanlända”, agreed to keep in touch and find ways to cooperate with DRW because they have met many newcomers with disability in their project. They see the need to add the disability perspective into their project. DRW looks forward to an engagement with this project.

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