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The New Moderates’ proposal risks to limit newcomers rights even further.

The issues of migration and integration have been present in societal news, newspaper and on social media during recent years. Relevant for the work of Disabled Refugees Welcome within this debate is the temporary change of the migration law enacted in the summer of 2016. According to this temporary legal change, refugees and asylum seekers … Continue reading “The New Moderates’ proposal risks to limit newcomers rights even further.”

DRW Mobilization

DRW will soon be inviting organizations to respond a survey about their work with disabled newcomers kommer. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to fill in and aims to create network of disability organizations who in different ways work with newcomers. Our ambition is to create better understanding about available activities and necessary steps … Continue reading “DRW Mobilization”

Welcome to the DRW’s homepage

Disabled Refugees Welcome (DRW) is a project run by Independent Living Institute (ILI) and is designed to work for the rights of disabled newcomers in Sweden. On this webpage you as a visitor can follow the project, take part of our reports and other topic specific material that we have collected here. Contact us if … Continue reading “Welcome to the DRW’s homepage”